Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?

Quite a different subject from the previous talk that I posted about. This time I would like to share with you a TEDTalk titled: “Can we eat to starve cancer?” … . It is filled with information on what type of changes we should make in our eating habits and why we should make them.

Enjoy the talk!

Curious Souls Get Together” – 7th Meeting !

Dear Curious Souls,

Are you fascinated with new ideas and new ways of looking at life?
Do you have an insatiable desire to learn more?
Do you get immense pleasure in listening to inspirational stories of great minds?
And are you filled with appreciation for great talents?

In short, are you a “Curious Soul”?


If you are, then, I invite you, once again, to the cozy “Publico” Bar in Beyoglu on Istiklal street,  to our 7th meeting.

At this meeting, we will be watching again, very interesting, mind-stretching and entertaining TED talks; and after each talk, we will have the opportunity to express our own views.


As a change, I would like to introduce a theme for the meeting. I suggest our theme to be: “Architecture and its impact on our lives” which I think is a very good one as it has many angles, such as its impact on social life, inspiration, creativity and design processes, esthetical aspects, utopian projects, revolutionary techniques, sustainability, new material, life in megalopolis, how architecture of the 21st century will be, etc, and it is open to very rich discussions.


May I also request you to do some “homework” before you come to our meeting? Could you try to spare some time to have  some reading and browsing on the subject? This would be a very good opportunity – especially for those who are not experts on the subject, like me – to broaden our horisons. We can share this information in light of the very interesting TED Talks that I will prepare for us to watch together.

By the way, if you cannot do your “homework,” there is no need to worry :-)) Please do still come to our meeting – we do not have  reprimands.

So get ready to experience the fleurishing of diverse ideas, to expand our horizons and to grow together while at the same time, we pass a very enjoyable time together.

I hope to see you all at our meeting and I  am impatiently looking forward to it.
With my kindest regards.

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

STARTS                : September 05, 2013, 7:30 pm
ENDS                     : September 05, 2013, 10:00 PM
LOCATION            : Publico (Lokal -Meydan)
ADDRESS             : Tünel Meydanı (End of Istiklal Street) No:186/A; Beyoğlu ISTANBUL
MEETING POINT  : At the venue
ENTRANCE FEE  : None.(Everyone pays for his/her own food and drink.)