“We should all be feminists”

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you, another fantastic talk with the title: “We should all be feminists.” The talk is given by the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

I simply adored this talk. It is touching on very serious issues that lie behind the conflicts between cultures, societies, family members and generally between men and women. Lots to learn from and so many sentences are present in her speech that can be quotated as “wise words”.

Generally I love the talks of Adichie. She is extremely intelligent, has a very pleasant personnality on stage, has a beautiful style of putting things into words and, more than that, she is extremely humorous :-)) She touches upon such serious issues so subtly, gently and in such a fun way.

Enjoy the talk !

By the way, as you would remember, we watched another talk by her at TED titled: “The danger of a single story” at our 2nd Curious Souls Get Together meeting. Our discussions on it were so lively and enlightening. Check out this talk, if you missed it !

Best regards.

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

Death and how we cope with it? TED Talk on the stories we tell ourselves about death !

Philosopher Stephen Cave begins his talk with a compelling question: When did you first realize you were going to die?

Do you remember when you first realised? I tried to remember when I first realised. think I was about 7 and, like Stephen Cave, it was when my grandfather died. Yet I don’t remember it as something that terrified me -maybe because my grandfather was  living in a different city – but instead I remember being quite surprised about it. I remember watching my father very closely and trying to observe what he will do next. 


Stephen Cave in his talk, explains the 4 type of stories that  we human beings tell ourselves about death and how  we “systematically get things wrong !” 

He also points out  that, as we do not experience death when we die, in a way death does not exist for us !

Do you agree? 

“Curious Souls Get Together” – 8th Meeting

Dear Friends,

We had our 8th meeting at the Publico Bar on Sunday December 1,2013.


We were quite numerous in our meeting. Considering that the number of chairs available were not sufficient, I can say that we were more than 55.

During the meeting, as I announced earlier, we watched the following TED Talks:

  1. Pamela Meyer : “How to spot a liar”
  2. Arthur Benjamin does mathemagic:
  3. Bunker Roy: “Learning from a barefoot movement”
  4. Derek Sivers: “How to start a movement”
  5. John Legend: “True colors” (music)

My friends Tolga Yanaşık and Özgür Çağlar Çelik moderated our discussions on two of the talks. I would like to thank them greatly for volunteering and for the work they put into it.

Tolga facilitated our discussions on the first video titled: “How to spot a liar”.

He made a fantastic work as he had interesting and very clever questions that engaged all members in the discussions. You can also guess that our discussions were often interrupted by loughter 🙂 as the subject was “lie” and we shared our own experiences on it.


Tolga, moderating our discussions on: “How to spot a liar.”

We then watched the amazing Math and Magic 🙂 performance of Arthur Benjamin who is also a math professor:

Despite that the video was a performance of magic and math,  and it seemed like there would be nothing much to discuss upon, it was quite amazing to see how extensive discussions it generated between us. We talked about the limits of our brains, whether with special training anybody could acquire these skills or not, whether such training should be a part of regular education or not, etc. It was also very interesting to note that some of our members didn’t agree that training on acquiring such a skill was relevant as they said that, after all we all have calculators and we do not need to calculate from our heads 🙂 There was also merit to what they said as well 🙂

The video that followed was that of Roy Bunker’s on “Barefoot movement”:

What a fastinating, mind opening, inspirational and humerous talk it was ! We all loved it! And so were our discussions! It was truely amazing to hear all the views expressed, all the  experiences shared and the lessons taken from this video.

At our meeting, such a nice variety – ranging from US, UK to Iran and Pakistan, Panama, Brazil to Austria and eventually Turkey -that normally one would expect very diverging views. Nevertheless, during our discussions on Barefoot Movement, I noticed that, despite all our differences, we were all at the same wavelenght (as we Turkish people say)  and that we all  talked with  the same language (and I do not mean English only :-)). What a fantastic “World Union” we had :-). I love you dear Curious Souls 🙂


We then went on to watch the short and humorous video on “How to start a movement”:

Özgür moderated our discussions on this  video and with his entertaining and insightful questions, our discussions became a very lively one. It was also interesting to note that the video lasted only for 3 minutes  but our discussions lasted much longer then that 🙂  Özgür even made us a suprise at the end ! As he is an active Qi Gong practitioner at the level of trainer – in addition to his acutal job, he gave us the secret to live a very long life and he made us all stand up and do Qi Gong together! It was a valuable initiation! Thank you Özgür.

Özgür facilitating our discussions on “How to start a movement”

Finally, the last video was like a present for us all ! A musical performance of John Legend at TED with the title “True Colors”:


I’m sure almost everybody heard this song before but the lyrics meant more to us that day (at least I can say it for myslef). They go as follows: 

  • “It’s sometimes hard to take courage,
  • in a world full of people;
  • You can lose sight of it all, 
  • and the darkness inside you,
  • can make you feel so small; 
  • but I see your true colors shining through;
  • I see your true colors, 
  • and that’s why I love you;
  • So don’t be afraid;
  • to let them show;
  • your true colors!
  • True colors are beautiful,
  • like a rainbow!”

I would like to thank you, dear Curious Souls, for participating in our meeting and I wish you all, beautiful days filled with true colors !

Kindest regards

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂