Death and how we cope with it? TED Talk on the stories we tell ourselves about death !

Philosopher Stephen Cave begins his talk with a compelling question: When did you first realize you were going to die?

Do you remember when you first realised? I tried to remember when I first realised. think I was about 7 and, like Stephen Cave, it was when my grandfather died. Yet I don’t remember it as something that terrified me -maybe because my grandfather was  living in a different city – but instead I remember being quite surprised about it. I remember watching my father very closely and trying to observe what he will do next. 


Stephen Cave in his talk, explains the 4 type of stories that  we human beings tell ourselves about death and how  we “systematically get things wrong !” 

He also points out  that, as we do not experience death when we die, in a way death does not exist for us !

Do you agree? 


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