“We should all be feminists”

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you, another fantastic talk with the title: “We should all be feminists.” The talk is given by the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

I simply adored this talk. It is touching on very serious issues that lie behind the conflicts between cultures, societies, family members and generally between men and women. Lots to learn from and so many sentences are present in her speech that can be quotated as “wise words”.

Generally I love the talks of Adichie. She is extremely intelligent, has a very pleasant personnality on stage, has a beautiful style of putting things into words and, more than that, she is extremely humorous :-)) She touches upon such serious issues so subtly, gently and in such a fun way.

Enjoy the talk !

By the way, as you would remember, we watched another talk by her at TED titled: “The danger of a single story” at our 2nd Curious Souls Get Together meeting. Our discussions on it were so lively and enlightening. Check out this talk, if you missed it !

Best regards.

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

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