Malcolm Galdwell’s story titled “Her Way” – A well-intentioned wedding toast goes horribly wrong :-))


Hİ every body! I hope you are all doing fine.

Today, thanks to my dear friend Matt from Istanbul Toastmasters, I discovered an organisation called “the Moth” – a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the telling of real life stories.  How exciting is that :-)) In a way, it is very much like TED – we listen to interesting stories, we are amazed, entertained and we learn a lot !

I recommend you to check out THE MOTH’s web-site. if you like a story, please share it with us too! At the bottom of their web page, there is also the story behind why they call themselves “The Moth.” 🙂 It is nice to read too.

And here is an example of a wonderful and extremely entertaining story told at a MOTH meeting: This is the story of Malcolm Gladwell presented at “The Moth” 2009 in New York with the title “Her Way”.  Gladwell talks about a wedding toast that went horribly wrong for him and his friends 🙂


Malcolm Galdwell - The Moth

A well-intentioned wedding toast goes horribly awry for a young man and his friends.

A quick note: if you haven’t read the books of Malcolm Gladwell yet, I higly recommend you to do so! It think I read all of his books and they are fantastic. If you decide to read, I  suggest that you to start with “Outliers” and then continue with “Blink” and the rest. (They are translated into Turkish too.)

Have a great day!
Isil the Curious Soul 🙂