Happy New Year to you all !

Dear Curious Souls,

I wish a Happy New Year to you all!

I hope the New Year brings you days filled with lots of joy, happiness, health, and success; …and boundless curiosity to light up your soul :-))

Enjoy the fantastic music!

With my kindest regards!

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂


Report of the Coctail Party and “Curious Souls Get Together” 12th meeting

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Dear Curious Souls,

On December 4,2014, Thursday evening, we met at the LA SAGRADA Hotel in Nisantasi, for a coctail party.

Starting from 20.00 pm on, many Curious Souls joined us and finally quite an international crowd gathered in our room.

After some free time,  everyone introduced each other and I observed that, from then on, the atmosphere transformed into a much familier and warmer one. I was quite happy to observe this 🙂

We then proceeded to watch the only TED Talk that I intended to show at this event:
the talk of Marc Abrahams with the title: “A science award that makes you laugh,then think”

Have you ever heard of an IG Nobel Prize? If you haven’t, then I advise you to watch this talk as you will learn about interesting inventions such as a high speed rotating table that assists pregnant women to deliver babies or a research on why woodpeckers never get headaches. The most interesting one is at the end of the talk though 🙂

TED Marc Abrahams

After this talk, as I initially announced,  I intended to proceed with our coctail party. Yet, I have seen the disappointment in so many eyes  that I could not stop. I  showed one more talk – that of Poet Ali’s about on how many languages one can speak. Yet we understood that Ali was not only referring to languages in the sense we interpret.  Here is the interesting and enjoyable talk of Poet Ali:

TED Poet Ali - How many languages do you speak

With this talk and after sharing our views on it, we ended our meeting.  It was, once again, a very pleasurable meeting for me and I hope all participants enjoyed it as much as I did. I would like to thank you all  for participating and for contributing.

So I hope to see you soon again and wish you all the best until then.

With my kind regards.
Isil the Curious Soul 🙂