A quick note about TURVAK Museum and discounted ticket price for our group :

Dear Friends,

Please note that currently there is an exhibition at TURVAK Museum where we will have our 13th meeting tomorrow. The title of the exhibition is:  “100 years of Turkish Cinema through 100 illustrations.”

The  museum is already a very beautiful place and with this interesting exhibition, we will have added advantages 🙂

Some of you may wish to visit the museum only and not participate in our Curious Souls meeting. If you do so, then the museum will apply a special discounted ticket rate of only 5 TL, valid for our group. (For those of you who cannot visit the museum but will participate in our meeting, there is no change in the fee.) So it may be a good occasion bring interested friends and family members.

The venue is very easy to find: just walk up to Galatasaray roundabout on Istiklal street (approx. midway) then walk down from Yeniçarşı street (Galatasaray highschool should be on your left) up to number 24 on your right. TURVAK Museum is there.

For the details of our programme, please visit our announcement page.

Have a great evening and see you all tomorrow at 13:00.

Best regards
Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

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