Report of 13th “Curious Souls Get Together” meeting and our visit to TURVAK museum:

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Dear Friends,

On March 1,2015, Sunday, we met at TURVAK Cinema and Theatre Museum for our 13th meeting.  As you know, TURVAK is the first and only cinema and theatre museum in Turkey and it has a very rich collection of cinema and television devices, films, posters and stage photos. (Please check their website for more information:  There was also an exhibition at the museum, with the title: “100 years of Turkish Cinema through 100 illustrations” – so we were even more lucky!s20150227_180356

Our group again had an interesting variety of nationalities, ages, backgrounds and interests. But we all were Curious Souls after all 🙂

sIMG_1667At first, we had a guided tour of the museum through the assistance of Ms.Aslı Canan Yılmazsoy – the events coordinator of the museum.  I would like to thank her very much for enlightening us. After this tour,  I was so happy to learn from many that they were simply fastinated with the museum.sMuseum

We then proceeded with our 13th meeting on the terrace floor. s20150301_155034 The first video we watched was  the TED talk of filmmaker Andrew Stanton who wrote the classic “Toy Story” movies and who won two Oscars for “Finding Nemo” and “WALL-E.” In this fastinating talk Stanton shares what he knows about  stories and storytelling.


Tuba consumed with the story that she was telling 🙂

My friend Tuba Erayman facilitated our  discussions on this talk. She also talked about her own stories. I would like to thank her very much for her work.


Karen sharing her views with us!


There were so many quotable  sentences in his talk that I would like to remember always. Yet it seems that this one is my favorite:  “Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”



Me listening to the comments of Rasih!

The second talk  we watched was the talk of Kristin Rivas on“The life-changing power of words.”  In this talk Rivas tells us her story on how two sentences completely changed her life -one making her crippled with mental illness and the other completely healing and liberating her. She tells how hypnosis worked on her and points out that ideas have power to transform. She asks “What idea can transform your world?” Interesting question, isn’t it? Do you know the answer?

On this talk we had quite a challing discussion  as some of our participants  thought that she was too emotional and  not completely recovered. Yet others thought that it was completely normal that she was emotional. What about you? What do you  think?

Kristin Rivas


Arlene on the left, talking to Carol before she started the moderation 🙂

The third talk that we watched was that of Keith Chen, a behavioural economist who drew interesting parallels between  the structure of a language and the tendency of saving money. Interestingly he found out that if a language has “future-less”  structures then savings increase.

Now, we can understand why Turkey, having a “futured” language, has such  low saving records 🙂

My friend Arlene Crilly moderated our discussions on this talk. It was very interesting and very lively. I would like to thank her both for modeating and for picking up this fantastic talk.

Keith Chen

At around 5:30 pm. we ended our meeting. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable afternoon for me. I hope all participants felt the same. While I was leaving the museum, I realised that I had a lingering warm feeling left out of enjoying, sharing and learning together. It was very nice to be among such open-minded and global spirited group. I would like to thank you all, dear Curious Souls, for your contributions and for making this event possible!

So until we meet again, I wish you all, my kindest regards.

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂


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