I will be away for some time!

Dear Curious Souls;

It has been a long time since you heard from me. I am very sorry for this silence! I was quite busy with lots of things and I didn’t have the opportunity to organise an event.

Also now, in a few days time, I will be leaving for the US. I will be getting some fastinating hypnosis and NLP trainings :-))  I will be returning back around the end of March and until then,  I will not be able to organise an event. Yet when I come back, I promiss, I will  organise a special “Hypno -NLP” event and share with you all those interesting things I will learn :-))

By the way, during this time, would anybody be interested to organise a Curious Souls’ meeting? Or maybe you can select one TED Talk that you like and organise a Curious Souls’ Cafe for discussing it? It is very practical to meet in a cafe and you will find out that discussions sometimes can be even richer when there is a limited participation and only one TED Talk on the agenda :-)) Please contact me if you are interested.

So dear Curious Souls, I wish you wonderful days in the meantime and take good care of yourselves!

Best regards
Isil the Curious Soul :-))