Zhineng Qigong at the shoreway:

Dear Curious Souls,

We met this morning at 10:30 a.m. at Caddebostan shoreway. I proposed to teach Zhineng Qigong to anybody who would be interested. Yet it was a last minute announcement so I did not expect a lot of participation. To my surprise, many people showed up. It was fantastic. screenshot-from-2016-09-25-21424514463035_10155314975488840_5345244813643001723_n 14479659_10155314975713840_769852433175727295_n

Zhineng Qigong is a moving type of meditation that has lots of health benefits. I discovered it last year in May while I was researching NLP and hypnosis techniques to help a relative that was diagnosed with cancer. In one report I read about Zhineng Qigong that had almost miraculous results in treating diseases as well as bringing harmony to ones life. I made lots of research on it, read several books, contacted many sources mostly in China, and finaly started practicing it everyday. Now it is a part of my everyday life.

At first, I gave a brief information to our group about Zhineng Qigong and the Qi theory. I then guided them on how to do the movements and what to think while doing them. In fact, in Zhineng Qigong what you think while doing the movements is more important than the movements themselves. That is why it is such an effective meditation method.

I was pleasantly surprised that it drew a lot of interest. Even one of our participants who came to our meeting thinking that I was organising something on “nano technology” (I really do not know how he heard this??) said he enjoyed it very much. I hope he was sincere 🙂


The wheather was beautiful, we were on green grass and had a wonderful sea view. I felt quite lucky indeed. After we finished with qigong, we proceeded to have some food together.14484812_10155315051438840_3234662749383925253_n We even had a second tour of Zhineng Qigong for the one who joined us late.

I hope that this brief introduction on Zhineng Qigong would create desire in our participants to learn more and to use it more in their lives. Because I know, as I have been practicing it regularly since 1,5 years, it really makes a difference.

Have a great day everybody!
Isil the Curious Soul 🙂


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