Zhineng Qigong with me!

screenshot-from-2016-09-25-214851Dear Curious Souls,

I would like to invite you to do Zhineng Qigong with me. We can meet at the green picnic area in front of Vakıf Tenis Cafe (next to Zanzibar Cafe) on the Caddebostan shoreway. Please bring something to spread on the grass to sit on. You may need it. After qigong, we can grab some food and drinks at the tennis cafe and catch up.


tenis-cafe-021As you may know by now, Zhineng Qigong is a moving type of meditation, very similar to Tai Chi-but with slower movements. It has incredible, almost miraculous health benefits as well as benefits that provide sharp mental focus. Correct mental state and correct imagination during movements is more important than the movements themselves. So I will be guiding you along on how to have to get the right state of mind and posture

If this sounds appealing to you, please do join.

Have a great time until then and see you on Sunday!

Best regards
Isil the Curious Soul 🙂



STARTS : October 16, 2016, Sunday 10:30
ENDS :    no specific time
LOCATION : Picnic area in front of Vakif Tenis Cafe on Caddebostan shoreway – Istanbul
MEETING POINT : At the picnic area
FEE : Free of charge


4 thoughts on “Zhineng Qigong with me!

  1. Great to hear this Isil. I totally agree with the mental state and imagination being more important then the actual movements. It’s exactly that what I envision with the lessons I just started to give in The Hague (the Netherlands). Wish you great lessons! HYLT!

    • Hello Adytum. Thank you for your comment. I congratulate you for your lessons. Wonderful. Good luck and HYLT.

      By the way, I could not get your name from your blog. May I learn who you are? Do I know you? You can send me e.mail with my namesirname gmail.com
      Thank you.

      • Hi Isil, we don’t know each other yet. My name is Wabke and I am in training with master Liu for HunYuanQi Therapist. I’ve just started with the Adytum website, and will definitely add an ‘who I am’ to it soon. Thanks for reminding.
        Warm regards

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