My name is Işıl Musluer. I  organize the “Curious Souls Get Together” meetings in Istanbul Turkey within  an organisation called Internations.

Curious Souls meetings do not have a commercial purpose. I simply created a social gathering exactly like I would like to participate!

We now have 1007 members, from 72 countries, almost all residing in Istanbul Turkey  (date of reference: Nov.2016.)  Our members have a very high intellectual profile from many different backgrounds. 15272322_10154120675782444_1758749727031479346_o

At Curious Souls meetings, we not only have a chance to get together with like-minded, global-spirited people but we also have a lot of fun together.

I studied political sciences at Ankara University, International Relations department. I worked as the executive assistant of two ministers (Former State Ministers Mesut Yılmaz and Prof.Dr.Ali Bozer). Then I worked as a career diplomat at  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 8 years. I was in Strasbourg France, at the Turkish Permanent Representation to the Council of Europe for 3 years and in Baku Azarbaijan at the Turkish Embassy for 2 years. Upon returning back to Turkey, in line with my burning desire for entrepreneurship, I took a leave without payment for one year and then resigned after 1 year. I joined our family company called ITM Engineering, Representation and Foreign Trade Co.Ltd.  I was mainly responsible for business development and foreign trade.  Our company currently imports EuroStrong TV Chairs and sells Tempur Pedic beds.


In May 2013, I  established  my own company Trade Gate International.

Around the same time, I read a book  that literally changed my life! The book was called: “An evening with Richard Bandler: How I discovered NLP.” Throught this book I realised that NLP; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, was linked with hypnosis.

This created a great curiosity in me towards hypnosis.  So I registered to a course which was captivating for me. I loved it!  From then on, I could not resist the temptation to continue further with trainings. I took up many others  on hypnosis. Several other trainings on NLP followed this.

While all these learnings contributed my life greatly, I started contributing to the lives of others as well. Upon invitation, I started  cooperating with a psychotherapy center in Ataşehir, called Değişim Terapi Merkezi as their  hypnotist and NLP consultant. At the same time, I was continuing my work in ITM and Trade-Gate.

At the therapy center, I was almost witnessing a miracle everytime I worked with someone!  What I did had nothing to do with miracles; they were all repeatable, observable techniques yet outcome was like a miracle! Fastinating! I was amazed at how people could be transformed so easily and  speedily!  I was also surprised at why all these techniques were not taught widely as part of official education.

Phobias, panic attacks, problems of low self-esteem and similar ones simply dissolve through our work! Not only do we deal with resolving problems but we also  work on expanding the potential that one can have. Very much like transforming a regular painter or a sportsman into an exceptional talent.  It is a fastinating work!

The techniques used maybe defined as an education method- yet it involves the education of the subconscious. We guide the  subconscious to unlearn the limiting records that it has and then replace them with new empowering ones. It is not therapy but the outcome becomes therapeutic!

Such a fastinating journey, isn’t it? Very much suitable for a Curious Soul like me 🙂  I feel like I found a magic wand and whoever I touch transforms!

You might like to see a video of me being hypnotised during a training in the USA. We were learning different types of hypnosis and  during coffee  breaks we were applying the techniques on each other. This video was recorded while my friends practised on me. (Towards the end of the video is interesting 🙂


While cooperating with the therapy center, I continued my trainings further and this time,  within the context of the organisation of Dr. Richard Bandler which is called: “The Society of NLP”.

14524970_333343180340607_6823793861962749123_oFinally, in March-April 2016, I went to the United States to Dr.Richard Bandler himself and The Society of NLP to receive extensive  trainings to be their trainer. Upon  completing successfully, I officially became  an “International NLP Trainer Certified by Dr.Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP.” This title is quite rare and respected in the world. To tell you the truth, I am really proud of myself for having discovered such an interesting field and for having done all this work!

While doing all these, I decided to devote all my professional time to NLP and hypnosis and  I ended my work in ITM and transferred Trade Gate to ITM  and started working full time on this subject.

20160824_185715Very recently, I opened my center in Caddebostan İstanbul.  I intend to teach these magical techniques to as many people as possible. The NLP trainings that  I will soon start to give, are internationally acknowledged. At the end of the trainings, certifications  that come from the US and that are  personally signed by Dr.Richard Bandler are presented to the participants.

I also hold  private consultancy sessions for those who would like to transform their lives.  (Please contact me if you are interested in my trainings or if you would like to have private sessions).

In addition to my professional work and the Curious Souls meetings, I practise Zhineng Qigong every day since 1,5 years. It is  a  moving type of meditation.  If you are interested in learning Zhineng Qigong, please join the facebook group I formed for it.


“Curious Souls Get  Together” meetings have been an interesting journey for me.  While trying to select the TED Talks that I will show at each meeting, I was able to discover so many others! I learned a lot and I feel like I am having a PhD but with lots of variety 🙂

I hope these meetings contribute you as much as they do to me! Enjoy the journey!

Best regards.

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

7 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I would like to certainly attend one of your next get togethers, unfortunately will not be in country for your next one in Oct but i have signed up to follow so i will look out for your next gathering.

  2. Your blog gave me an annoyed face automatically! I must have been “hypnosed” already! I see that you turned out to be an even more interesting character than you were 28 years ago. I will call you before I come to Istanbul next time because I am suffering from “not-yet-cured negativity”.

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