Announcement for TEDxReset – April 18-20,2014 : “What Now?”

Dear Curious Souls,

I am very excited to inform you that the 5th TEDxReset meeting will be held in Istanbul on April 18-19,2014 at TIM Maslak Show Center. Theme of the event will be “What Now?

There will be numerous speakers and more than 800 participants. (Please see programme below and check for details.)

As you may already know, TEDx meetings are independently organised local events similar to the orginal TED Talks organised in the US.

Last year I attended the 4th TEDxReset event that had the theme: “Critical Crossroads.” 36 speakers were present including 5 fantastic music bands were present along with more than 700 participants.  It was simply a fantastic organisation.  I had the chance to meet most of the speakers during breaks and I should say, the food was absolutely delicious as well :-)) So this year, I do not intend to miss the event. I strongly recommend you to participate too.

If you are interested in participating, please order your tickets from the following link: Tickets cost 125 TL for two days (50 TL for students.)

So I hope to see you all at this event.

With my kind regards

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂


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