Curious Souls Get Together – 9th meeting !

Dear Curious Souls,

Are you fascinated with new ideas and new ways of looking at life?
Do you have an insatiable desire to learn more?
Do you get immense pleasure in listening to inspirational stories of great minds?
And are you filled with appreciation for great talents?

In short, are you a “Curious Soul”?

If you are, then, I invite you again to the beautiful Gallery & Bar Art350 on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul  for our 9th meeting.  As you know, we previously had three meetings at this beautiful venue. 



At the gallery, there will be an  exhibition of artists Görkem Dikel & Emre Doğrusöz with the title Poetic Geometry”  So it  will be a very good opportunity for us to review their works.   


So dear Curious Souls, if you are ready to expand your horisons and grow together while at the same time, we have an enjoyable time together, then please do join us at our 9th.

While I impatiently look forward to seeing you all, I wish you great days until then.

With my kindest regards

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

STARTS                : February 09, 2014, 1:30 pm
ENDS                     : February 09, 2014, 5:30 pm
LOCATION            : Gallery & Bar ART350
ADDRESS              : Bagdat Caddesi No:350 Erenkoy (Anatolian Side) ISTANBUL
MEETING POINT   : At the venue
ENTRANCE FEE   : 10 TL (to be payed to Art350.)



Announcement – “Curious Souls Get Together” – 8th meeting !

Dear Curious Souls,

Are you ready for another enjoyable meeting? If you are, then I invite you all, to our 8th meeting that will be held on December 1,2013 Sunday, at the cozy PUBLICO Bar on Istiklal Street.


At this meeting, we will be watching very interesting, inspiring and entertaining  TED in a relaxed atmosphere,  and after each talk, we will have the opportunity to exchange our views on each topic.


So get ready to experience the fleurishing of diverse ideas, to expand our horizons and to grow together!

I hope to see you all at our meeting and I  am impatiently looking forward to our exchange of views.

With my kindest regards.

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

STARTS                : December 01, 2013, 14:00 PM
ENDS                    : December 01, 2013,18:00 PM
LOCATION            : PUBLICO  (Please see directions below)
ADDRESS             : Tünel Meydanı (End of Istiklal Street) No:186/A; Beyoğlu                                           ISTANBUL
MEETING POINT  : At the venue
ENTRANCE FEE  : None.(Everyone pays for his/her own food and drink.)


DIRECTIONS:  PUBLICO is situated at the end of Istiklal Street at Tunel Meydan (the Tunnel square). It is where the tram laine makes a right turn. If you are coming from Taksim direction, please take the metro and get off at Sishane stop. You need to walk from there which is very close. if you are coming from the Anatolian side however, you can either take the ferry to Karakoy and then the fenikular up to Tünel. When you exit, it is just a few meters away from Publico. Please take a look at the map below   and the directions to “Publico” with screen shots of the area.