TEDxModaSalon 2014: “Innovation and Art for Peace” – Venue update !


Dear Curious Souls,

Please note that there has been a change in the venue of TEDxModaSalon. It is now going to be organised at Sehir University, Altunizade Campus, on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Date is the same: April 26,2014. Event will start around noon and will  continue up to 7:00 pm in the evening. However, before the event starts, there will be a FREE, two hour long, ART WORKSHOP that  is organised by MARTIN NORE, who is one of the speakers at TEDxModa. Workshop will start at 10:30 am.

You can check Martin Nore’s bio and get an updated list of all speakers, you can  check: http://www.tedxmoda.com/speakers.html.

For directions to Sehir University, please check: http://www.sehir.edu.tr/en/Pages/Contact/Address_and_Access_Information.aspx

With my kind regards


PS. If you intend to participate, please leave a reply below or  contact me  so that we can meet during the event.




TEDxModaSalon 2014: “Innovation and Art for Peace”


Dear Curious Souls,

I am happy to announce you that another TEDx event will be held in Istanbul on April 26,2014: TEDxModaSalon. The theme of this year’s event is:  “Innovation and Art for Peace.”

As you would remember, the first TEDxModa event was organised last year with the theme “Empathy for Change” and many of our fellow curious souls were present at this meeting. It was a very enjoyable event!

This year as well, there are many interesting speakers and I am sure we will get a lot of pleasure in listening and watching them. (Please check: www.tedxmoda.com/speakers.html for the details.)

Please note that you need to purchase the tickets from: http://www.eventora.com/en/Events/tedxmoda. The standard price for the tickets are 35 TL and  the early bird and student price is 20 TL. (valid until this week-end.)

The event is organised at the Kadir Has University, Cibali Campus -at the same place where it the event took place last year.

So I hope to see you at the event.

Until then, I wish all the best.

With my kind regards

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂