10th meeting-Steve Ramirez, Xu Liu: “A mouse. A laser beam. A manipulated memory”

The second TEDTalk we watched at our 10th Curious Souls Get Together meeting was Steve Ramirez and  Xu Liu’s talk on: “A mouse. A laser beam. A manipulated memory.” that was presented at TEDxBoston.

Can we edit the content of our memories? It’s a sci-fi-tinged question that Steve Ramirez and Xu Liu are asking in their lab at MIT. Essentially, the pair shoot a laser beam into the brain of a living mouse to activate and manipulate its memory. In this unexpectedly amusing talk they share not only how, but — more importantly — why they do this.

* * *

Steve Ramirez – Neuroscientist

When Steve Ramirez published his latest study in Science, it caused a media frenzy. Why? Because the paper was on implanting false memories in the brains of mice.
Xu Liu -Neuroscientist
After studying how to generate a fruit fly able to learn much faster than normal, Xu Liu’s latest work investigates how to activate and deactivate specific memories in mice.

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