images.jpgAre you fascinated with new ideas and new ways of looking at life?
Do y
ou have an insatiable desire to learn more?

Do you get immense pleasure in listening to inspirational stories of great minds,
…and are you filled with appreciation for great talents?

In short, are you a “Curious Soul“?


 If you are,then, let’s get together and watch or 3 interesting, informative, mind-stretching and entertaining video conferences like the ones on TED (www.ted.com).

After each video, we can carry a guided discussion and express our our own point of views. Be ready to experience the fleurishing of diverse ideas! We will expand horisons and grow together!

We can be quite flexible and creative in the selection of our meeting venues. We can meet at an art gallery or a hotel’s meeting room; at  a laid-back cafe or a friend’s home!  Our only requirement is to have a TV screen or a computer monitor. Of course, we need lots of Curious Souls to spice up our meetings 🙂

If you would like to join us, please do contact me! We would love to see another Curious Soul among us!

With my best regards to you all !

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂


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