Announcement: Curious Souls Get Together – 13th Meeting! Venue: TURVAK Cinema-Theatre Museum!

TURVAK Cinema Theatre Museum

Dear Curious Souls,

Are you fascinated with new ideas and new ways of looking at life? Do you have an insatiable desire to learn more? Do you get immense pleasure in listening to inspirational stories of great minds, and are you filled with appreciation for great talents?

In short, are you a “Curious Soul”?

If you are, then, let’s get together once again and watch 3 or 4 very interesting, mind-stretching and entertaining TED talks ( After each talk, we can have a chance to share our own views.

If you are ready to experience the flourishing of diverse ideas, if you would like to express yourself, expand your horizons and grow together, and,  while doing these, if you would like to pass an enjoyable time together, then I invite you to come and join us at our 13th meeting!

The venue for our 13th meeting is a very interesting one: “TURVAK Cinema and Theatre Museum” – the first and only museum of its kind in Turkey!

TURVAKmuze5 s

The Museum was founded by Türker Inanoglu who is called as “Mr.Cinema” in Turkey because of his invaluable contributions to cinema. The museum houses more than 1000 cinema and television devices, 4200 copies of various Turkish films, more than 6000 Turkish film posters, more than 10.000 film and stage photographs, and over 12.000 hours of TV programs and TV series in its collection.


We will first have a guided tour of the museum in English, and, following that, while we still breathe history, we will proceed to the terrace floor, get our tea/coffee and cookies and, amidst a magnificient view of Istanbul that will accompany us, we will start  watching and sharing views on interesting TED Talks. What a fantastic way to pass a lazy Sunday afternoon! Don’t you think?

So, dear Curious Souls, while I look forward to seeing you at the TURVAK Museum, I wish you all, wonderful days until then!

Best regards!

Isil the Curious Soul 🙂

REMINDER: if you are a “Curious Souls” and if would like to join us and get announcements of our meetings, then please don’t forget to register by pressing the FOLLOW button at the bottom of this page,.

Please see: A quick note about TURVAK Museum and discounted ticket price for our group

STARTS                : March 01, 2015, 1:00 pm
ENDS                     : March 01, 2015, 5:30 pm
ADDRESS             : Yeniçarşı Caddesi No:24 Galatasaray, Beyoglu, Istanbul
MEETING POINT   : At the venue
ENTRANCE FEE   : 25 TL (museum entrance fee, guided tour in English, cookies, tea
& coffee service included), 5 TL for  museum visit only.



TURVAK muze kroki


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